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The two words are totally different when it comes to trading. One which is controlled by machines and the other which is controlled by Emotions. 


YES ! You have read it right. Manual trading is the trading where your Emotions somehow affects your trading decision. 


Well let us understand in detail about each of them.


  • Emotionless Trading or disciplined trading
  • Can have 1000s of trades at a single time 
  • No limit to scale up strategies on different instruments simultaneously
  • No or negligible human intervention is allowed
  • Back tested strategies – draw downs already counted
  • Less chances of errors


  • Discretionary or trading which involves emotions
  • Can handle limited number of trades at time
  • Cannot be scalable to different instruments or stocks at particular time
  • More human intervention is required
  • Random trading which involves discretion
  • More chances of errors


This does not mean that Manual Trading cannot be successful. We see a lot of Manual traders also profitable within our society. The main problem one shifts to ALGO trading is to avoid human emotions and scale things to a bigger level.


ALGO trading goes with a certain process which we will be covering below :-


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