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Derivatives Trading Course

Derivatives are the financial contracts that whose value is derived from the underlying asset. The underlying asset that we referred to could be currencies, commodities, bonds, equities etc. The major idea behind developing derivatives was to provide an upper edge during the times of fluctuations in commodity prices.

So this was just a small part of stock derivatives. At The Academy of Trading you will get to take an upper hand at derivative investments. Build a strong knowledge base about the functions of derivative market. The students at the Academy of Trading understand the key features of Derivatives that will always help them identify the right investment method to be used at the right time. Work as an all time Derivatives Analyst and keep scrutinizing various derivatives to get more profitability. Understand the logic behind the supply and demand factors that affect the markets.

Our curriculum has been well structured to give absolute understanding of the different types of derivatives, equities and derivatives, types of Derivatives market in our comprehensive derivatives trading course in Delhi.

Learn about the volatility, study about the instruments used to mitigate the interest rates, equity, energy, currency and agricultural price risk faced by the organizations involved in the underlying markets.

Our purpose while establishing the derivatives investment course was to brief you about the different types of derivatives, how they function and everything that revolves around them. Since the course combines Strategies for Trading options and the Indian Derivatives market so you don’t have to look for any other Derivatives trading course anymore.

The Derivative Investments Course will also cover aspects like risk management and position sizing which are absolutely critical for success of a trader. Thereby, we will be enhancing your skill sets to become Derivatives Analyst at its best.

As regulatory reforms are being implemented across the globe in various countries, especially the top tier countries. In order to usher cross border trading through various routes to facilitate funding of growth and development activities. Derivatives are known to be extremely useful in the management of financial risks.

Although, there’s no eligibility to pursue the Derivatives Trading course in Delhi from the Academy of Trading. But there are a few requirements like sound knowledge of the basics of trading and senior school mathematics. If you clear this criteria, then you are eligible to do the Derivatives Trading Course in Delhi. Otherwise, you can still go for it if you have a knack for learning.

Derivatives are dreaming experience for any person into the trading world. Let you know more about the strategies to deal with them.
  • Derivatives market and its types
  • Evolution of Derivatives Market
  • Indian derivatives market and risk involved
  • Introduction to Futures and Forwards Contracts
  • Major Limitations of Forwards
  • Future Contract and its Features
  • Naked and Calendar Spread Positions
  • Pay-off Future Contract
  • Price Risk in Index Futures
  • Hedging- Using Futures
  • What is Beta?
  • Portfolio construction and its hedging using beta
  • Systematic and Unsystematic Risk
  • Introduction to Options
  • Call Option- Buy & Sell
  • Put Option- Buy & Sell
  • Intrinsic Value and Time Value
  • Strategies for Trading Options
  • Long and short Straddle
  • Bull Call Spread - Bear Call Spread
  • Open Interest Analysis
  • Explanation and Implementation of Greeks
  • Introduction to Trading Systems
  • Introduction to commodities and currencies market
  • Introduction to the Clearing and Settlement system
  • Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Accounting and Taxation of derivatives
  • Sales Practices and Investors Protection Services
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How derivatives market work?

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What trading strategies should be used in Futures and Options?

Trading Academy in Delhi, Trading Courses in Delhi, stock trading course in Delhi

When to take decisions regarding risk mitigation?

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What operational mechanism is used in equity derivatives market?

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