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Stock Market Technical Analysis Course

When it comes to trading and investing, Technical Analysis is one of the most important things to look forward to. To understand how it works, we have curated a special Technical Analysis Course for Traders.

In order to be a good trader, it is important to have the back-end knowledge about the company, its stocks, behavioral finances, money management and more. In this Technical Analysis Course in Delhi, we have come up with a very comprehensive curriculum that would help you generate lots of income.

In order to understand the market well, technical analysis plays an important role. Based on the behavior of how stocks and trades are bought and sold off, a behavioral analysis is done after technical analysis training. Therefore, when all this happens, it helps the user in determining the future price movements of a security. With the insights from Technical Analysis, one can make their mind on good and low-risk buy entry price levels.

The Stock Technical Analysis Course from the Academy of Trading covers some of the most important topics that are generally neglected by other institutions and hence, they can’t really vouch for the totality of the Advanced Technical Analysis. But, with the Stock Market Technical Analysis Course from the Academy of Trading, you can absolutely understand the what if’s and how to’s behind predicting the future performance. Learn about the breakout theory with the Technical Analysis Course Online from professionals who have been using the strategies and theories learnt from masters and seers.

If you are looking for the best technical analysis course online, check out the complete Analysis Trading Course from the Academy of Trading. Learn Candlestick formations, Chart pattern and stages – accumulation, markup, distribution and panic liquidation.

If you are looking for Technical Analysis Course Training for Beginners, then the Academy of Trading could be the best Institute out there to help you learn various aspects of trading and investing.

Understand Fibonacci retracements which plays an important part in Trading Technical Analysis Course. Fibonacci was a 12th century Mathematician who helped technical traders with his series of ratios. Register for Advanced Technical Analysis course from the Academy of Trading today to know more, practice more and learn more.

Get certified technical analyst course in Delhi from the Academy of Trading and determine the factors primarily focused on determining likely market, up or down. It must also be understood that the Technical Trading Courses and Courses for Technical Analysis would teach you various things, but it must be understood that none of the factors can actually vouch for the response to be 100% accurate at all the time.

Analyze the company’s performance through graphical representation of its past trends.

Study of charts to interpret data collected on price movements of stocks. Emphasis on reading charts to determine the future price movements.
  • Introduction- price action, advantages and disadvantages of technical analysis
  • Time-Period Analysis
  • Types of Charts- Line, Bar and Candlestick study and pattern
  • Trend lines- Uptrend & Downtrend
  • Breakout Theory
  • Support & Resistance
  • Moving averages- how to use for intra-day, swing and positional trading
  • Chart patterns and stages- Accumulation, Markup, Distribution and Panic liquidation
  • Gap Analysis
  • Oscillators & indicators- RSI, MACD, Bollinger bands, Stochastic, ADX, ATR
  • Trading Divergences- Regular and Hidden
  • Open Interest and Decision Making
  • Dow theory- types of trends
  • Fibonacci- important tool for trading
  • Pivot points and volume indicators
  • Day trading strategies- based on simple price action
  • Above all factors- price is supreme
  • Risk management and trading psychology
  • Option Strategies
  • Live Trading sessions and practical trading experience
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How to read the candle stick charts?

Trading Academy in Delhi, Trading Courses in Delhi, stock trading course in Delhi

How to read trend lines to predict future performance?

Trading Academy in Delhi, Trading Courses in Delhi, stock trading course in Delhi

When to go for the technical analysis?

Trading Academy in Delhi, Trading Courses in Delhi, stock trading course in Delhi

What all the chart depicts about the company’s performance?

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